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Peace Activists, Vets from NorCal Blockade Beale AFB to Protest US Killer Drones

Arrests Expected as Peace Activists, Vets from NorCal Blockade Beale AFB to Protest US Killer Drones; Two Days of Demonstrations Start Monday, With Direct Actions Tuesday

BEALE AFB (Marysville), Ca. – Military veterans and peace advocates have announced 2 days of protests here starting Monday afternoon – and say they will  risk arrest Tuesday – in an effort to stop the  inhumane and cruel U.S. Drone Program, now killing thousands of innocent men, women and children around the world. Activists will carry model drones and large photos of child victims of drone strikes to show the dark side of drone warfare.

The two days of protests will be held at the Main Gate to Beale AFB (North Beale Road near Marysville). Beale AFB is home to the U2 and the Global Hawk, the unmanned surveillance drone that is an “accomplice” in drone killings.

Monday (Oct. 29), 3-6 p.m.: Anti-war, anti-drone activists from Fresno to the Bay Area and from Sacramento to Nevada City will picket.

Tuesday (Oct. 30), at 6 a.m.: Activists are expected to mass at the front gates. Arrests expected.

Beale AFB has been the target of protests for years. There have been a series of direct actions leading to arrests this year, most recently at Hancock Air Base near
Syracuse, NY Thursday, where 17 were arrested.

Activists will demand: (1) An immediate ban on the use of all drones for extrajudicial killing (2) A halt all drone surveillance that assaults basic freedoms and inalienable rights and terrorizes domestic life in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia (3) A prohibition on the sale, and distribution of drones and drone technology to foreign countries in order to prevent the proliferation of this menacing threat to world peace, freedom and security and (4) The U.S. must immediately stop this lawless behavior of drone warfar that violates many international laws and treaties.

“US military and CIA Drone attacks have killed thousands of innocent civilians, including women and children, in the Middle East,  Somalia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  In the name oF combating terrorism against the U.S. we are terrorizing innocent people, and creating many more enemies and potential terrorists in the process,” said a statement issued by Veteran for Peace, Code Pink, Chico Peace and Justice Center, Nevada County Peace Center, Peace Fresno, WILPF and World Can’t Wait.

“Our government has become lawless powers, acting as judge, jury and executioner, just because they can.  They use remote-controlled drones to kill women in their kitchens, elders meeting in their jirgas, mourners at funerals, and rescuers who try to help the wounded.  By most independent studies, the vast majority of those killed are civilians,” said Toby Blome, of CodePink’s Peace Delegation to Pakistan.

“When I learned about what we are doing with drones…killing innocent civilians, and see the faces of dead children and their mourners, I find the passion to do something.  That’s why I’m taking some action at Beale,” said Shirley Osgood, Occupy Nevada County and Nevada County Peace Center and Nevada County Green.

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