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Rally on Capitol’s Steps to Support AB5 – The Homeless Person Bill of Rights and Fairness Act

Occupy and Social Justice Groups Sponsor ‘Homeless’ Rally on Capitol’s Steps Thursday to Support AB5 / Homeless Person Bill of Rights and Fairness Act

SACRAMENTO – Occupy has announced a daylong homeless rights rally, which will be held on the Capitol’s steps here Thursday, January 3, to support AB5, the Homeless Person Bill of Rights and Fairness Act.

The rally begins at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at the State Capitol (North Steps). The event includes a pot luck to feed the homeless, music and speakers.

The rally is being organized by Occupy Sacramento, and is endorsed by, among others, Occupy Woodland, Occupy Placerville, Peace & Freedom Party (Yolo County Chapter), Occupy Home Foreclosure Committee, HAGS Davis, POOR Magazine, Sacramento IWW and many other homeless advocates, labor and disability rights groups.

With freezing temperatures challenging the homeless and attacks on the homeless on the increase, AB5 is receiving full support from organizations involved in homeless issues, including veterans groups (a large percentage of homeless are vets).

Lawmakers, including AB5 author Tom Ammiano, are expected to speak. Homeless advocates are attending from different parts of the state.

The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act (AB 5) establishes a foundation to build protections of basic human rights of people who are homeless. Local laws on urban camping, sleeping, loitering and sitting and lying down, are, according to advocates, often attacks on the homeless.

“We need to stop criminalizing the behavior of people who have nowhere else to turn,” Assemblymember Ammiano has said. “People who are in need of mental health services or who have lost their jobs and their homes are being told, ‘Move along or go to jail.’ The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights begins to give us a framework for appropriate approaches to protecting our communities and those who are vulnerable.”

Assemblymember Ammiano introduces Homeless Bill of Rights

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Homeless Advocates to Occupy Sacramento City Hall

URGENT NEWS ADVISORY – Homeless Advocates Will Risk Arrest; Announce ‘Occupation’ of Sacramento City Hall Tuesday in Effort to Force Repeal of ‘Unconstitutional’ City Camping Ordinance

SACRAMENTO – Homeless advocates have informed the City of Sacramento they will begin an occupation of City Hall grounds – and risk arrest if necessary – starting Tuesday (Dec. 8) evening until the City Council repeals an unlawful camping ordinance.

They will begin preparations for the occupation at 5 p.m. Tuesday in front of City Hall.

The Community Dinner Project (CDP), a group of concerned citizens who risk arrest every week by feeding 75-150 hungry people – also illegal under city ordinance that requires a $300 permit to feed the hungry – claim the city’s camping ordinance has been declared unconstitutional by the federal Department of Justice (DOJ).

On August 6, 2015, the DOJ issued a statement of interest in a federal case in Boise, in which seven people are suing the city over their conviction for the “crime” of camping. The DOJ stated that bans on sleeping in public are unconstitutional.

“Sleeping is a life-sustaining activity- i.e., it must occur at some time in some place,” argued the DOJ in the still pending case. “If a person literally has nowhere to go, then enforcement of the anti-camping ordinance against that person criminalizes her for being homeless.” Such laws, the DOJ argues, violate 8th Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment, and thus, unconstitutional.

In addition, a federal task force on homelessness concluded that homeless sweeps are not the solution. “We strongly advise against communities dispersing people experiencing unsheltered homelessness on their own or in camps,” said Matthew Doherty, the task force executive director. “It disrupts the ability to engage and develop trusting relationships to help them on paths to permanent housing.” (LA Times, Sept. 6, 2015.)

“After a year of talking to the city about this ordinance, the city still shows no sign of listening to us about the unconstitutionality of the ordinance,” said community organizers, adding “Let’s end this assault on our fellow human beings; rather than punish those less fortunate, let us be a model city and demonstrate caring and compassion, and social justice for all and find more sustainable solutions for homeless people.”

In late November, a group called “First They Came for the Homeless,” occupied Berkeley City Hall for about 18 days. Last week police arrested three of the protesters and confiscated their belongings, including tents. Some protesters have returned to city hall and are staying there without tents.

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Join local activists as we gather to celebrate our victories, voice our opposition to oppression, and forge solidarity with each other!

We’re engaged in many different struggles, but we have common goals, common enemies, and common passion to fight for social and economic justice. Solidarity makes all of us stronger, louder, and harder to ignore.

September 9, Rally 11am–3pm, State Capitol (west side), followed by a protest and march against US military action in Syria at approximately 3pm.

The program includes:

  • Speakers from indigenous rights groups, unions, Occupy, ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), IWW, homeless rights organizations, ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment), Western Center on Law and Poverty, and more
  • Teach-ins on labor battles in California, the rise of corporate greed in politics, the battle for universal healthcare, and more.
  • Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the music of Ayatollah, Marlynn Smith, Richard Taliaferro, and DJ Badass. Water provided.
  • Learn about obtaining health care through the Affordable Care Act

Event Page:

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Protests Against War in Syria


Join ANSWER Coalition for a demonstration at the Sacto Federal Building, Friday, August 30, 5PM, corner of 5th and I Streets, downtown.

Washington is on the march toward yet another war of aggression in the Middle East! This time targeting Syria. In the event of U.S. military strikes against Syria, the ANSWER Coalition is calling on organizations and individuals to take to the streets in opposition to what would be a destructive and criminal war by the U.S. government.


As the United States of America’s Military Industrial Complex gears up for the next chapter in their effort to attack yet another foreign country we the citizens say NO! March and rally with the world to denounce American Imperialism.

Join Occupy and other local activists for a protest at the Sacto Federal Building, Saturday, August 31, 11AM, corner of 5th and I Streets, downtown.

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City of Sacramento Considers New Law Tuesday to Bar Protests at City Hall Without the City’s Approval


Monday, July 23, 2012

Daybook/Assignment Desk

City of Sacramento Considers New Law Tuesday to Bar Protests at City Hall Without the City’s Approval; Civil Rights Lawyers, ACLU Board, Occupy Members to Voice Opposition

SACRAMENTO – Civil libertarians – including civil rights lawyers and members of the ACLU Board of Directors – will join Occupy Sacramento and other groups at a hastily-called news conference Tuesday (July 24) to announce opposition to a proposed City of Sacramento ordinance that will all but eliminate truly free speech on City Hall property.

The news briefing will be held at 2:45 p.m. in front of New City Hall TUESDAY (7/24/12).

The City Council Law & Legislation Committee holds a hearing at 3 p.m. on the legislation that would require a permit, fees, insurance and other requirements before free speech events can take place on City Hall property. (
Currently, constitutionally-protected events can take place on City Hall property for 24 hours a day. The proposed law, recommended for approval by City staff, would halt that without the City’s approval.
The move is largely seen as an attempt to silence Occupy Sacramento, which holds small, peaceful demonstrations daily in front of Old City Hall.
Similar actions by cities – to create laws to limit an Occupy group’s rights after they have been established by law – have been thrown out by the courts.
The City has made 110 arrests of Occupy Sacramento activists since last year, and all of the cases have been tossed by the District Attorney, the courts or by the City itself, which has spent at least a $500,000 in tax dollars enforcing a curfew ordinance at Cesar Chavez Park.
The new proposed ordinance will now restrict and criminalize protest activities on other City property.

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Divest from Israel’s occupation Boycott SodaStream, an illegal settlement product!

Join the national day of action, Tuesday, July 16, to:
• Demand that TIAA-CREF divest from Israel’s occupation of Palestine;
• Ask CalSTRS to use its influence to push TIAA-CREF;
•Tell Macy’s and other stores to stop selling SodaStream, which is made in an illegal Israeli settlement on land stolen from Palestinians.

TIAA-CREF, the mega-pension fund for many public employees and academics, is holding its annual meeting July 16 in Charlotte, N.C. But shareholders will not be voting on a resolution put forth by the national We Divest coalition asking the fund to end all investment in companies that “substantially contribute to or enable egregious violations of human rights, including companies whose business supports Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.” TIAA-CREF rebuffed a petition submitted by hundreds of shareholders; and the federal Securities and Exchange Commission ignored established law to allow the fund to keep the resolution off its agenda.

Around the country, activists are protesting at TIAA-CREF offices or other sites. In Sacramento, we’ll deliver a letter to the State Teachers’ Retirement System, one of the nation’s largest pension funds in its own right, which offers TIAA-CREF to its members as an option for retirement savings. We’ll ask CalSTRS to pass the message on to TIAA-CREF that it shouldn’t invest in occupation and other human rights violations.

While we’re at it, we’ll remind CalSTRS that some of its members are asking it to take a look at its own stock and bond portfolios, and to divest from companies guilty of complicity in the same acts. See

11 a.m.: Meet at the Macy’s mall entrance on Level 1 of Downtown Plaza (extension of K Street), the women’s clothing store just west of 5th Street (not themen’s/furniture store at the east end of the mall). Parking is free for three hours below the mall with validation from any business. We’ll proceed past the SodaStream display in Macy’s and give the store manager a letter asking Macy’s to stop selling the tainted fizzy water gizmo. We will then proceed across the river to the CalSTRS building, a few blocks away at 100 Waterfront Place, West Sacramento.

Noon: Assemble in front of the CalSTRS entrance (river side, between E and F streets) for a news conference and to deliver a letter to the fund’s CEO.

4:30-6:00 p.m.: Boycott SodaStream bannering at 16th & J. (Part of the 18-month+ local effort to ask stores to stop selling SodaStream and educate the public bybannering and leafleting Macy’s, Target, Costco, Walmart, Kohl’s, Staples, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, JC Penney, Sears, Emigh Hardware and Williams Sonoma.

Sacramento Jewish Voice for Peace and other supporters of the We Divest campaign:

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SATURDAY, JULY 20, 11:00 am, Blow the whistle on Bank of America at the Oak Park branch, 3810 Broadway (near 5th Ave.). Whistles and signs will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Mr. Monopoly will make an appearance, as may BofA CEO Bryan Moynihan.

Background: Recently, BOA employee whistleblowers said that the bank regularly rewarded employees with gift cards and cash bonuses for sending struggling homeowners into foreclosure. Employees were told to lie to homeowners, “lose” documents, falsify information—whatever it took to boost up foreclosure rates. Why? Because banks make lots of money in fees from “servicing” foreclosed homes, and sometimes lose money on modifications.

Join us on July 20 as WE blow the whistle on BOA, and demand justice for BOA homeowners who lost their homes, criminal prosecution of BOA officials, and a moratorium on foreclosures. (Carpool to Anaheim will leave after this protest.)

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Global March Against Monsanto! Sacramento – May 22-25

SHUTDOWN & MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO is part of a three day action campaign here locally:

• May 22nd – Lobbying Day at the Department of Food and Agriculture then march to the State Capital: 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

• May 24th – Monsanto Shutdown in Davis: 1920 5th Street Davis, CA: 6:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

• May 25th – National Day of Action – March Against Monsanto at the State capitol: 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Meet at North Steps for Rally and March.

More information about the Global March is available at The Anti-Monsanto Project

Here are links to articles on our last two campaigns held in 2012:
March 16th/17th International Call for Action to Shut Down Monsanto
September 17th Nation Day of Action to Occupy Monsanto

Please invite your family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and people you pass on the streets!! to Bondi Arts Supply.

The Anti-Monsanto Project List of Endorsers (order of date)
Occupy Sacramento
SEIU Justice for Janitors
Peace and Freedom Party Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Placer County
Brown Berets Sacramento
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement Sacramento, AFL-CIO (LCLAA)
Organización de Trabajadores Agrícolas de California, Stockton
United Native Americans Inc.
PSL Sacramento
W.O.R.D. Sacramento
International Food Not Bombs & Chico Food Not Bombs
International Workers Of the World (Sacramento Chapter)
Union Civica Primero de Mayo
MEChA de Cosumnes River College
Kalpulli Tepochkalli Danza Azteca
POOR Magazine
Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report
Kalpulli Tlayolotl
Davis Democratic Socialists
California Internationale of Libertarian Socialism (CILS)
Northbay Uprising radio collective Vallejo
The Green Democrats of Sacramento
Green Party of Marin County
Occupy Stockton
Veterans for Peace Sacramento
Green Party of Sacramento County
Veterans for Peace, Sacramento
Occupy Chico
Justice For Ernest Duenez Jr.
International Socialist Organization – Northern California
MEChA de Sacramento City College

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Prosecute the Banksters!

Five years into the crisis and not a single banker has been prosecuted. Over 333,000 of us signed a petition demanding that the President and the Department of Justice prosecute the bankers. Join ACCE, Home Defenders League, Occupy Sacramento, and others to deliver those signatures to the Department at Justice, and tell President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder that nobody is above the law, no matter how “big” they are.

Tuesday, 2 Apr 2013, 1:00 PM

Sacramento, US Dept of Justice, Federal Courthouse, 501 I Street

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WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED! – Strategy Forum/Open House

WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED! Strategy Forum/Open House

Saturday, March 16, noon to midnight, hosted by Gandalf (600-4490) at Riverdell West, 6560 Pacheco Way, Citrus Heights, 95610.
Occu-Taco Feed from 4-6pm
Forum at 6pm

Event to include: Sign-making, interview for upcoming documentary, live and recorded music, dancing, drumming, chanting practice, general tomfoolery . . .

Needs: BBQ kettle for fire pit, extension cord, chairs, rice, beans, favorite CD’s/IPOD, piano stands.

Purpose: To unite the Occupy Sacramento community for the upcoming “March on March Against the Silence” scheduled for Sunday, March 24 and to prepare for maximum impact of the event. The March is an opportunity to push back against establishment efforts to delegitimize and ultimately silence the Occupy movement.

Note: This is extremely serious -Occupy is fighting for its right to exist as a legitimate participant in the American democratic experiment. We are patriots, with high hopes for a new a better America.

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