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Rally on Capitol’s Steps to Support AB5 – The Homeless Person Bill of Rights and Fairness Act

Occupy and Social Justice Groups Sponsor ‘Homeless’ Rally on Capitol’s Steps Thursday to Support AB5 / Homeless Person Bill of Rights and Fairness Act

SACRAMENTO – Occupy has announced a daylong homeless rights rally, which will be held on the Capitol’s steps here Thursday, January 3, to support AB5, the Homeless Person Bill of Rights and Fairness Act.

The rally begins at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at the State Capitol (North Steps). The event includes a pot luck to feed the homeless, music and speakers.

The rally is being organized by Occupy Sacramento, and is endorsed by, among others, Occupy Woodland, Occupy Placerville, Peace & Freedom Party (Yolo County Chapter), Occupy Home Foreclosure Committee, HAGS Davis, POOR Magazine, Sacramento IWW and many other homeless advocates, labor and disability rights groups.

With freezing temperatures challenging the homeless and attacks on the homeless on the increase, AB5 is receiving full support from organizations involved in homeless issues, including veterans groups (a large percentage of homeless are vets).

Lawmakers, including AB5 author Tom Ammiano, are expected to speak. Homeless advocates are attending from different parts of the state.

The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act (AB 5) establishes a foundation to build protections of basic human rights of people who are homeless. Local laws on urban camping, sleeping, loitering and sitting and lying down, are, according to advocates, often attacks on the homeless.

“We need to stop criminalizing the behavior of people who have nowhere else to turn,” Assemblymember Ammiano has said. “People who are in need of mental health services or who have lost their jobs and their homes are being told, ‘Move along or go to jail.’ The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights begins to give us a framework for appropriate approaches to protecting our communities and those who are vulnerable.”

Assemblymember Ammiano introduces Homeless Bill of Rights

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