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Anti-Foreclosure ‘Elves’ Defending Woodland Home From ‘Foreclosure Grinch’ Wells Fargo

Dozens of Anti-Foreclosure ‘Elves’ Defending Woodland Home Thursday Facing Eviction After ‘Foreclosure Grinch’ Wells Fargo Makes Mistake

WOODLAND – Dozens of Occupy anti-foreclosure activists from throughout Northern California – dressed as “Santa’s Elves” – have taken defense positions around a home here to prevent deputies from serving an eviction notice on a family. The action is continuing throughout the day.

Raw video here:

Calling Wells Fargo Bank a “Grinch” trying to steal Christmas from the Ponce family (couple and 4 children), Occupy anti-foreclosure activists from Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, Stockton and Marin began the defense of the home of Alma and Heriberto Ponce, THURSDAY, 6 a.m. at 1543 Paradise Valley Drive in Woodland. Yolo County Deputies are expected to enforce the eviction.

Last May, Occupy foreclosure action teams successfully defended the Ponce Family home after the bank foreclosed, even though the had been approved for a loan modification. Wells Fargo backed off from the eviction because of the publicity.

Wells Fargo made a mistake on the final modification paperwork for the Ponces and before it could be corrected, the house was sold in foreclosure, even though the bank assured the family everything was all right because they had successfully completed the trial modification period and received the final HAMP modification. This is an example of “dual tracking”, which will be illegal in California on January 1, 2013, when the Homeowner Bill of Rights takes effect.

Occupy Sacramento members have contacted Wells Fargo numerous times, suggesting a win/win/win solution which would benefit the bank and the investor who bought the house, as well as keeping the Ponces in their home. Wells Fargo refused; consequently the Ponces face eviction.

The home defense action comes on Dec. 6, nationwide Foreclosure Day, which is being held in more than 20 cities nationwide to bring attention to foreclosures happening around the country.

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