General Assembly Minutes March 28, 2012

All General Assembly minutes are posted here for your review.

General Assembly Minutes March 28, 2012

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Occupy Sacramento General Assembly Minutes March 28th, 2012

Location: City Hall Steps
Facilitators: Robert
Stack: David
Minutes: Matt

Intro-Robert- Skipped
Report Backs-

Sean -Education- Making some good steps forward

Faygo- 24hr- Reoccupy on the 7th, making a stand, list of actives

Kim - Communcations- Talking about upcoming events

David - Vision- passed out an open letter

Robert - Direct Action- Tent action on the 7th and maybe 8th, all day occupation planned,
Q- Kim- Teach ins?
A-Robert- yes, guest speaker

Old business - Motion on changing the requirements to present motions, tabled due to lack of draft

New Business - Emergency motion to support march 30th March on Jerusalem....withdrawn

Announcements -

Faygo- Community garden off O st, been fighting a battle to protect the garden, won a case against the city,

Kim- Local events - Cesar Chavez march on the 31st starts at 10am in southside park, reoccupy, occupy the light rail on the 29th, need more presence at city hall, Latino dinner dance, selling tickets for that, Lockla (sp?)

Man from Occupy Riverside - Got arrested for carrying a walking stick, his trial is on april 20th

Robert - American congress, Palestine , march to Jerusalem tomorrow

Brian - RIOT FOLK - going to be in town and will play!
Cafe Coffee Garden ..."The Show is a GO, and looking like it may be an incredible night.

I thought Evan was a perfect fit for Occupy Sac, and comments by some people after hearing some samples have confirmed it. Also, I am overjoyed to have Joe Stevens of Coyote Grace. The program is not completely booked, but will be soon. Featured performers are wecome to join the 30 minute jam session at the start of the show.

"OCCUPY NEEDS MUSIC" (working title)

Coffee Garden (confirmed for the back garden)
Capacity: 50 people

7:00-10:00 pm
Show starts at 7:30 (2 hours)
Four 30 minute sets (maybe 5)

Sound: SImple PA system. I will ask more details, but expect a basic, simple set-up. I will ask more details soon and add that to this thread.

1) Local string players jam session, everybody welcome (30 minutes). We did this once at Caesar Chavez park and it was a great success. Encore.
2) (not confirmed)
3) Joe Stevens of Coyote Grace (confirmed)
4) Evan Greer of Riot Folk (confirmed)

(May extend show 30 minutes to include one more act).

Co producer - Kim Sloan (local organizer)

Bran McNally
(Kim, please add your contact information below)

$5 requested donation, solicited from mic and collected by passing can in between acts, no pressure. Total amount divided equally between acts (total amount divided four times). Expecting 35 to 50 people. Occupy Sac is requesting 20% cut of total gross before the split, in return for sponsoring the show, and I think that is reasonable. I have gotten wonderful response from Occupy Sac members who will repost on FB - and spread the word, so turnout should be good. Good fortune has also smiled on me recently, and I am so happy about this show I may stuff the can with a couple or three twenties when nobody is looking.

A rather large parcel of property in Sacramento made available by the owner. Currently there are 12 people living and working together, 5 of whom would otherwise be living on the streets. If you want, you can crash here the night of the show at least. Help out with the organic garden and dig holes, you can maybe stay a few more days.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question, either here or through a private message or email.

Can't wait to see you soon!


Emily - United Women - UNITE AGAINST THE WAR ON WOMEN!!!
*4.28.12*, SACRAMENTO & L.A. , Saturday April 28th, location and time to TBD

Lady from Seattle Occupy - A march is coming from Seattle to Sacramento

Delphine - discrimination and mental health issues -
National Association of Working Women, 9to5
Work-Family Campaign
Paid Family leave, expanded income supports, like the earned income tax credit and affordable child care for low-income families, paid sick days for every worker.
No one should have to make the impossible choice between their job and their own health or the health of their loved ones.

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