General Assembly Minutes February 1, 2012

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General Assembly Minutes February 1, 2012

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OccupySacramento General Assembly Minutes

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 6:15 p.m. PST
Location: City Hall Steps

Facilitator: Tiffany
Stack Taker: Robert
Timers: Dee/Kim/Autumn
Crowd Facilitator: Morgan
Minutes: Michele

OS = OccupySacramento
F = Facilitator
P = Proposer
R = Reporter (for report back from committee or working group)
PoP = Point of Process
PoI = Point of Information
CQ = Clarifying Question

1. Facilitation
1.1 Welcome
1.2 Introductions
1.3 Explanation of Hand Signals
1.4 Introduction of Agenda - report backs, old business, new business, announcements, chant, adjournment, soapbox

F: Will be using our two-minute guideline for speakers tonight, because there is so much old business on the agenda. Please keep report backs to the bare minimum.

2. Report Backs

2.1 Fago – Food
Unfortunately, we could not get food for tonight. We still need food for the full-time occupiers.

2.2 Fago - Urban Logistics
We are looking into renting a bicycle locker - $25 deposit and $5/month. It is supposed to be only for a bike and bike-related gear, but we will try to see if we can work with it.

2.3 Fago – Full-Time Occupation
We have been contacted by OS groups for help and we have done it when we can. (We need to have at least two people remain here at all times.) We took part in three actions within the past week, and we have been walking around holding signs. On Sunday, we took part in an action Amy was trying to facilitate. Unfortunately, there were not many people, but we still marched in support of Oakland. We have other activities planned for the future. On of the Occupiers is making some videos of actions we are involved in.

2.4 Eduardo – 24-Hour Occupiers
We are now at OccupyFarm, helping out there. A lot of work is needed – we need boots on the ground to get it cleaned up.

CQ: Are you planning any rallies?
R: We have a stage and sound system.
CQ (Lisa): Have you received an eviction notice?
R: We got a 3-day eviction notice. We have an eviction blockade set up.
CQ: Can you keep Foreclosure Action Team apprised?
F: Eduardo and Lisa can talk after the meeting.
CQ(Autumn):Do you have any vegetable seeds yet?
R: I don’t know. We’re still rototilling.
Autumn: I’ll bring you seeds.
R: I’m going out there tonight and will be working there every day.

2.5 Kim – PR/Communications/Media
We’re trying to figure out which is the best name. If anyone has any opinions, come talk to us. We need help – about 25 people to make it work – please come talk to me if you can help.

PoI: When we had Media (and it was awesome), it was confusing to distinguish between “Media” and “the media.” I suggest not using Media as the name.

2.6 Morgan – Nonviolent Communication Committee
We are trying to make lemonade out of the lemons from Saturday. We are working with individuals and trying to put materials together about how we can get along and do consensus building.

2.7 Cathy – Foreclosure Action Team
We are planning a mic check action (no more information than that for now). Come to the rehearsal at Fremont Park on Sunday at 2 p.m.

3. Old Business

3.1 Proposal from Coordinating Working Group (Kim).

The proposal introduced on Saturday, January 28, 2012, regarding reaction to possible barricades to access to Cesar Chavez Plaza, is withdrawn.


3.2 Proposal from Outreach Working Group (Amy)

The following proposal was introduced on Saturday, January 28, 2012:

MOTION: Support OccupyWoodland and LCLAA by being included on the flyer for the annual Cesar Chavez march. It is at the end of March. It would help OS by showing solidarity!
P: The Cesar Chavez March is March 31 every year. The march starts in Femont Park and culminates here. OccupyWoodland asked if we want to be on the flyer with other groups supporting the march. I just have to write a letter letting them know.

Temp check – consensus.

Vote – 22 for, 0 against.


3.3 Proposal from Coordinating Working Group/PR Working Group (Kim)

The following proposal was introduced on Saturday, January 28, 2012:

MOTION: On February 14, in a couple of Tuesdays, it is Valentine’s Day. In order to raise awareness about women’s issues, like rapes, domestic violence, I propose having women’s events in the park. I have registered a V-Day event online for a Vagina Monologues reading and potentially have a men’s group event as well. I am contacting women’s groups/organizations in the community as well as the two other V-Day events registered online. I will contact women’s/men/s/gender studies professors to give teach-ins as well. I need help so please talk to me after GA for more info. Thank you. (This would) help with men’s/women’s issues that come up with work in OS.

Amended as follows:

AMENDMENT TO MOTION: Was initially a women’s event –now it is going to be on gender equality issues.

P: Go to if you want to know more about the national event. We will have teach-ins, including women’s studies professors. I’ve contacted 15 organizations. If someone has a contact at CLUW, please let me know. It will be a free event. If any donations come in to the OS table, they will be distributed 50% o us and 50% to the other organizations participating. It will be the afternoon and evening of Valentine’s Day as an alternative –couples should be celebrating any day. It will be 3 to 8 pm, food provided.
CQ: Will there be teach-ins regarding both genders?
P: Yes. It is on gender equality. There are actually more planned for men so far.
CQ: Will Vagina Monologues be performed?
P: I found out we can’t do excerpts, and we don’t have the resources to do it all.
CQ: Is there a budget for food?
P: No. It will all be donations. Ryan is doing Italian and Sara is bringing dessert. If anyone can help, please do. We need lots of help on all sorts of things (e.g., permit for microphone).
PoI (Fago): I will be willing to help with food if you can get supplies.
P: I would like input on the flyer, and then I will bring the final to Saturday’s GA.
PoI: I could do without the close-up of the vagina.
P: We’re removing that.

Temp check – consensus.

Vote – 22 for, 0 against.

MOTION (as amended) PASSED.

3.4 Proposal from Finance Committee (Darrell Parker)

The following proposal was introduced on Saturday, January 28, 2012:

MOTION: Propose the election of new finance committee member (3 minimum) next GA or ASAP – replace current Finance Committee members.

The motion was amended by replacing it with two new motions, introduced by Scott of the Finance Committee:

AMENDED MOTION NO. 1: In order to facilitate transparent and accountable access to OS funds, I move that the GA authorize a new Finance Board of three members to replace all previous boards. Nominations will be accepted by the Finance Committee until February 10. Election will be held at GA on February 11. Anyone with questions regarding the duties and responsibilities of the Finance Board or who would like to nominate themselves or another person for the Board should contact Scott Conroy at or 530-680-1548.

P: The accounting person and the committee met and made their own friendly amendment. It is now two motions.
CQ: What is the nomination process?
P: Can nominate yourself or someone else. Tell me or Matt.
CQ: Is there a logistical reason why you’re not accepting nominations on Saturday when people are at the park?
PoI: Would not be adequate time to consider nominations if accepted on day of election.
P: Will post information on Facebook.
CQ: Who is being replaced?
P: All three are being replaced. Cesar and Darrell resigned. Mark Bradley will probably run again.

Temp check – consensus.

Vote – 20 for, 0 against.


AMENDED MOTION NO. 2: The Finance Committee is requesting that the GA authorize the Committee and Board to take all necessary steps to open a new credit union account and close all previous accounts.

Temp check – one not sure.

CQ: Who is going to be on the account?
P: The three Board members being elected.
CQ: Is it going to be transparent? No one knew about what was happening with the money before.
F: That’s why we’re taking this week to carefully consider nominations.
PoI: If you’re going to run, make sure you don’t have problems, like with IRS or the state.
P: That means a clean financial and credit history.
CQ: What about the WePay account?
P: That is still open. We will do what it takes to get control of the original one.
CQ: Are you willing to draft a resolution regarding reporting requirements?
P: I will do the books on weekly information and post it monthly.
CQ: Can we do criminal background checks?
P: Background checks are probably $50 each. They could be a possibility for the future, but we are eager to get this off the ground.
F: There are only some situations where you can legally do background checks. Maybe you could talk to Legal and add something to the Bylaws?
PoI: You can get your own Criminal Offender Record Information for $50.
Lisa: Friendly Amendment to make the elections conditional on background check.
Discussion – will be handled in bylaws instead – friendly amendment dropped.
CQ: Can I run with a criminal background?
P: OK if not financial crime.
Fago: We need to put prior problems behind us and trust each other or we can’t function.
Sean Thompson: There are people who could screw it up, but with 3 people, there will be checks and balances. We’re not going to do background checks. We should take down addresses and driver’s license information.
Dee: We’re confusing disorganization with dishonesty. The problem before was tracking, poor decisions, poor communications. I don’t get a sense anyone stole money.
F: I note that all are not in agreement on that point.
Dee: We need to run with new procedures. This is not something we need to drop $150 on.
F: One option is to talk to Scott and before the next GA, propose an amendment to the bylaws (after talking to Legal).
CQ: How many people are being voted on?
P: Three.
CQ: Are any being re-elected?
P: I assume Mark will run again.
Eduardo: Friendly Amendment that 30 days after they are elected, we’ll do background check and we pay half. I was at an organization where money was stolen.
P: Most embezzlers are never prosecuted because organizations are too embarrassed to report it, so it won’t show up on background checks.
PoI: We have large sums of money donated. It could be thousands. We have a responsibility to the community to assure that what they donate is safe. It doesn’t have to be background checks, but there must be safety measures.
P: Can come to Finance Committee if want bylaw change.
Eduardo: Friendly Amendment withdrawn (taken care of by bylaw process).

Temp check – consensus.

Vote – 23 for, 0 against.


3.5 Proposal from Outreach Committee (Amy Anderson, Karen Bernal, Elizabeth Laplante, David Keenan, Nathan Sands, David Jacobs)

The following proposal was introduced on Saturday, January 28, 2012:

MOTION: Establish an Outreach Committee within OS. Establish the Outreach Committee effective February 1, 2012. Establish Outreach Committee by GA passage of resolution and procedures guidelines for the committee on February 1, 2012, the final version of which is stated below. (Establishing an Outreach Committee would help OS by maximizing the participation in, and enable the forming of alliances with, locally, regionally, and nationally based individuals and groups and to maximize the participation of these individuals and groups in OS activities.).
General Assembly of Occupy Sacramento Resolution to Establish an Outreach Committee
Whereas, in order to grow Occupy Sacramento (OS) and maximize the participation in, and form alliances with locally, regionally and nationally based individual and groups and to maximize the participation of those individuals and groups in OS actions; and
Whereas, in order to facilitate the participation of individuals and alliances with OS and perform the work necessary to ensure success of those efforts, as well as coordinate with the other OS working groups/committees on them while maintaining the integrity of OS’ accord with the principles and guidelines of OS and the Occupy Wall Street Declaration; and
Whereas, currently no GA approved committee exists to assist OS or its members in the aforementioned manners;
Therefore, the OS General Assembly hereby establishes the Outreach Committee and following Procedures and Guidelines on February 1, 2012, for the purpose of building a structured outreach effort in order to plan, coordinate and facilitate the outreach efforts of OS.
Procedures and Guidelines / Occupy Sacramento
January 28, 2012
ARTICLE I: Name, Purpose, and Associations
Section A. Name
Section B. Purpose
To act as an organization which coordinates activities and builds alliances with other organizations and individuals in solidarity with Occupy as a whole, OS in particular, and to coordinate with other OS working groups/committees, in addition to reaching out to other Occupies across the nation. To maintain and build upon the work and efforts of OS and the Occupy Movement in general, and to support a structured Outreach effort in order to build and sustain the movement for the long haul and to gain continuing support for OS actions. To coordinate OS participation in solidarity with other organizations who agree with the Occupy movement and the stated grievances of OWS and/or OS, for the purposes of growing OS and the Occupy movement as a whole.
Section C. Associations
This Committee is associated exclusively with OS, which is associated with the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
Section D. Structure
A committee of the whole, open to all members of OS.
ARTICLE II: Membership
Section A. Members
Committee members must agree to uphold the goals and principles of the organization as outlined by the OWS Declaration and OS. Committee members must agree to work as part of a team, and to agree to tasks arrived at by group agreement or consensus.
Membership in the committee and all subcommittees shall be open to all members of OS
Section B. Meetings – Committee and Subcommittees
Meetings of the committee and subcommittees shall be held weekly, or as needed and scheduled and publicized to all members at least three workdays in advance of the meeting. Locations of the meetings shall be rotated amongst various sites in order to promote maximum participation of members.
In addition, and as dictated by events which necessitate their convening, meetings may occur on an emergency basis.
ARTICLE III: Subcommittees
Section A. There shall be within the Outreach Committee the following subcommittees including but not limited to:
2) Youth and Students: The purpose of this committee is to organize and coordinate with youth and students. This includes high school and colleges.
3) Labor Unions: The purpose of this committee is to reach out to, and coordinate with, labor unions and central labor committees at the local, state and national level.
4) Community Organizations: The purpose of this committee is to organize and coordinate with the diverse group of local community organizations in Sacramento.
5) Interfaith Organizations the purpose of this committee is organize and coordinate with the interfaith community.
6). Other subcommittees shall be formed as needed.
ARTICLE IV: Amendments
Section A. The Outreach committee Procedures and Guidelines may be amended by the Outreach Committee.

F: I talked to Brother Carter, who could not be here tonight, and he has three concerns, which Fago has agreed to present for him. There is consensus from GA that because everyone was provided a copy of the resolution, procedures, and guidelines, no one needs them read aloud by David, who is presenting the proposal.
P: There were concerns last Saturday about this motion. I negotiated with the Urban Outreach Group Saturday through Tuesday and with Bakari yesterday, who agreed that the more the merrier (not sure where Kevin stands). It was never the intent to encroach on anyone’s turf.

Temp Check: Concerns.

CQ (Lisa): What are the major differences between the two groups?
P: Urban Outreach (UO) was established to reach out to underrepresented folks, like the Nation of Islam, Jesse Beltran (electronic monitoring), Western Services Association (poor workers in the vicinity). We are looking at different groups. We want to reach out to interfaith groups and organize with Occupies in colleges and maybe Occupy99 all the way down to Fresno and reach into high schools.
Lisa: It sounds like this would be much broader than UO. UO plans events – would this committee do it now? Or would it work with UO?
P: The goal is to work with any committee or working group that wants to work with us.
PoI: There has been some youth outreach by Sean Laney.
F: And Kirk.
PoI (Fago): I also have a friend who has been working on that.
P: Can you give me those names to contact?
Autumn: Youth/college outreach has been more chitchat than outreach. We want something structured and productive. We want to encompass everyone.
Karen: We’ve reached out to those people. They’re cool with it.
Fago (for Brother Carter): He doesn’t want this to take away people or resources from UO.
Karen: I have great understanding for the fear, but those member organizations have free will for what they want to do. Amy and Dave and I are working on it. I won’t do a raid. We’ve asked UO to become a part of this.
Amy: We won’t have a meeting at 6 on Thursday to compete with UO, but that doesn’t mean that if Nation of Islam wants to do something with us, we would say no because they belong to Brother Carter. We’re not poaching.
P: We’re not looking to root around in someone else’s backyard.
Fago (for Brother Carter): He believes this would divide us and wished it had come up through UO.
P: We did attempt to negotiate Outreach as an umbrella with UO as a single autonomous group. That’s still on the table if they want to come back.
Autumn: This isn’t stepping on anyone’s toes. There already was an Outreach Committee. This is just re-establishing it.
PoI(Darcey): Outreach may have existed, but it was sent back to being a working group because of no bylaws.
F: Brother Carter’s position is that UO grew from the ashes of that. He wishes people had gone through UO.
Fago (for BrotherCarter): His position is there already is an Urban Outreach Committee.
Karen: Many groups were voted in as committees with the requirement that they had to submit a set of guidelines within a certain time and a lot of them didn’t submit the guidelines. Kevin, of the UO working group, submitted a paper to me with a “purpose” statement on it. I thought it was an internal document. There was no communication to me and I didn’t think it was a request to draft bylaws. It’s not in the minutes.
PoI(Darcey): Whether or not it was a committee, the bylaws were not submitted by the November deadline, so it is a working group. They can always propose an UO Committee.
P: I don’t see a conflict. We’re in a recruitment phase. Whether UO is a committee or working group, the goal will be met.
Amy: UO meets every Thursday and all sorts of groups that don’t identify themselves as OS come in and out. This committee would be autonomous with security, neutrality, and boundaries. It would not be beholden to any outside group. UO is alliance-building, coalition-building. This is different.
Karen: This would be forming alliances, but we want to do it with an approved committee that is independent, self-determining, and neutral (not beholden to any organization outside this movement.)
CQ: Would Brother Carter object to calling his group something else?
Fago: Yes, he would. He’s gotten other groups out to help the full-time occupiers. Something was said that offended one of them, so we may not have that anymore.
PoI: We have to move forward. Our work is too important.
F: People are a little wounded, but I don’t believe we’ll lose anyone over this.

Temp check – consensus.

Vote – 22 for, 0 against.


4. New Business.

4.1 OS Foreclosure Action Team Emergency Motion (Lisa)

MOTION: Propose that OS approve the OS Foreclosure Action Team signing the following letter from OccupyModesto to AG Harris, urging a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions while she conducts investigations and amend procedures to fairly handle financial issues. OccupyModesto is asking other California Occupies to join in and approve the letter. Continued pressure on AG for a moratorium is a goal of the OS Foreclosure Action Team and signing this letter would apply more pressure and serve as an act of solidarity with other California Occupies working on foreclosure action. OccupyModesto needs the signature before the next GA scheduled for Saturday, February 4. Therefore the proposal must be considered as an emergency proposal today.
The letter reads as follows:
Kamala Harris – Attorney General of California
Attorney General’s Office
California State Department of Justice
Sacramento, CA 94244-2552
Honorable Attorney General Harris:
We have great appreciation of the announcement you made regarding the formation of the Mortgage Fraud Task Force to bring to justice those who committed mortgage fraud. It is your stated duty to conduct a fair and complete investigation into not only the misconduct in loan servicing and foreclosure practices, but also into the securitization of mortgages in California. We are hopeful that your investigation into mortgage fraud in California will result in both accountability and consequence against those who broke the law. It is also our hope that the consequences will go beyond the simple execution of fines and restrictions on the banks and finance institutions who knowingly committed fraudulent acts against our fellow citizens. We believe that incarceration is the only real and effective punishment that will send the correct message to these individuals.
As you stated in your press conference, Stockton is the number one city in America for foreclosures. Other cities in the Central Valley have also been hard hit by foreclosures that have severely impacted our families and communities. Given the disproportionate devastation here, we ask that any monetary settlements would reflect this fact.
Many fraudulent practices have been used against those who have fallen behind in mortgage payments, are in foreclosure, or who have lost their homes to foreclosure. You discussed acts committed by scammers who rented homes to unsuspecting persons by those who had absolutely no legal right to do so. There are obviously other types of fraud that are being perpetrated against Californians, some by lenders, brokers, and lawyers. We have the utmost disdain for these practices. Our communities have been devastated by those who are committing these fraudulent practices. We strongly urge that your office issue a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions until your investigations are complete and amended procedures are in effect to fairly handle financial issues.
We, the undersigned commend you for your efforts and will stand by you in those efforts to ensure justice is done for Californians affected by the economic disaster brought to our communities by these individuals and institutions.
Occupy General Assembly Approvals
OccupyModestoCa Occupy….
OccupyStocktonCa Occupy…
Occupy.. Occupy…

Temp check regarding agendizing as emergency motion – consensus.

Vote – 18 for, 0 against.


Temp check regarding motion – consensus.

Vote – 17 for, 0 against.


5. Announcements

5.1 Kim: Restoration is scheduled in CC Park. It will be happening in March, which is interesting because that’s also when CC Day is. It will cost $91,000, which is a waste of money. If we can’t have access to the park on CC Day, I invite people to join me in a sit-in protesting the use of funds.
Amy: According to their website, there are no plans to block access; the work will be done in sections.
Kim: Talk to me about the V-Day poster if you want.

5.2 Fago: We lost one of our resources (temporarily maybe). Len Youngblood of SEIU was checking up on us, providing us resources. We’ve been told not to expect that anymore. Our small resources are less now. We’re glad to help with things, like we did with the Foreclosure group and boots on the ground for Amy for the march in solidarity with Oakland, but we can’t do that without support. We would appreciate shower facilities (he was offering that). We are going to be doing some new actions on our own. Also, there is talk about creating a new website (possible name, “Occupy Sacramento Now”).
F: If anyone wants to bring food at 5:30 before the GA, people could eat before and during it. (Kim’s done it.)
Karen: I’ve been talking to Dee and others. We all need to step up and pull together and do scheduling to support the 24-hour occupiers with showers, laundry, coffee, food, like we did with the information table. We can ask the Outreach groups to chip in.
Robert: I would want every OS group to be mandated to provide support.
Karen: There are things everyone can do, in cash or kind.
F: Rather than mandate, a really strong request. People respond better to that.
Autumn: I’ll start a list of places where you can go for showers and laundry for free. Me and another person so far. I’ll put it online and print it out.
Fago: We need to make sure they have phones. We need to have at least two people here and we need to be able to get in touch with each other and with OS groups. I’m thinking about making a motion to put that into Finance as a business expense.

5.3 Amy (Outreach Committee): Save the date for the March in March. March 1 is a national day of action about education. It is up to every school how to respond. A huge mobilization will be a march to the Capitol on March 5, so we’re the host. We need to start thinking about it. Info at and Some schools will be taking five days to march here. Some posts say they will be occupying here March 5 through 10.
Fago: Get in touch with me if anyone wants to help with food for it.
Amy: Also CC March 31.
Karen: Strategy Forum for OS is March 3 at Central Labor Council from 10-4. Another venue we can look into is Ambrosia Café on K Street. If any better ideas, let Amy, Dave or Karen know.

6. Chant. Adjournment – 8:15 p.m. Next GA is Saturday at 4:00 p.m.
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Re: General Assembly Minutes February 1, 2012

Postby mathiusdarcius » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:35 pm

Great Work!!!!
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Re: General Assembly Minutes February 1, 2012

Postby Nathan » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:47 pm

I'm still confused, I originally heard that the Outreach Committee would handle volunteer intake, then I heard that was wrong, but I haven't heard of any other group doing it... so who handles volunteers?

Also, is there any talk about updating the wish list? The old one is outdated...
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Re: General Assembly Minutes February 1, 2012

Postby MorganLesko » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:07 pm

Hi Friends,
I'm still processing the video from last night's GA. But i've uploaded the audio here in the mean time:

I'll let you know when the video is up! ;)
morgs <3
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Re: General Assembly Minutes February 1, 2012

Postby MorganLesko » Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:24 am

The full video for this general assembly is now online here:

Also setup to currently run as the "Live" stream on that channel, at least for now since the video from our First Amendment Party in December was still looping. ;)
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