General Assembly Minutes October 17, 2011

All General Assembly minutes are posted here for your review.

General Assembly Minutes October 17, 2011

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OccupySacramento General Assembly 10/17/11


I. Welcome/Intros

a. Consensus Building Intro/Hang Signals Review

b. Previous Consensus Decisions

II. Committee Reports (past activity)

III. Announcements (future activity)

IV. Proposals (old business to be voted on)

a. City Council

b. GA peoples mic

V. Motions (new business to be voted on at next GA)

VI. Adjournment

Facilitators: Ceasar (moderator), Michael (minutes), Steve (Stack) , Bill & Steve (vote counters)


I. Welcome/Intros

- Agenda review (on the people's mic!)

a. Hang signals review

b. Previous consensus

- All process motion votes tabled until Saturday GA

- The person who proposes the motion is the point person

II. Committee Reports

a. Community Outreach – Ceasar

soliciting emails for community outreach.

looking for translators.

b. Internet logistics committee - Russell

Rob put together a Google calendar on the site under events.

c. Media Committee - Ricky

~5000 facebook

~2000 twitter followers

~10k stream followers

d. Finance Committee – Jesse

Will be meeting after the GA

e. Facilitators – Matt

4-5 positions are necessary for facilitating Gas.

Request for more facilitators

f. Education – JustMatt

Signed up Mark Bradley, history teacher.

In touch with Matt McCormick @ CSUS

Request for topics, banking systems, etc.

g. Community Outreach – Brother Carter

No marches since saturday

Need to get signs off ground

Planning a march tomorrow (Tues 10/18) to Dept of Justice. 11:30-noon

Its important to show presence to protest

People are taking advantage of services w/o participation

We need to get moving to let people know we are here

Pick up a sign, explains why were out here

Need people with signs on the corners

Need to be picketing and protesting during traffic

h. Legal Team

Arrestees, please get paperwork to legal team

III. Announcements

a. Promotion for Youtube 'Occupier on a hunger strike'

b. An officer that was bitten by a dog around 5pm on Monday. Please do not do anything negative towards the police

c. Resolutions committee

Daily teach ins for resolutions

e. Need help with cleanup

f. It is illegal to camp in the parking lot down the street.

g. Bottled water is a problem.

Looking into portable filtration systems

Water bottles are convenient and are not being used by the occupy community

IV. Proposals

a. City council meeting tomorrow (Tues 10/18)

David is organizing.

Tenative list of speakers: Arya, Matt W, Brother Carter, Mark Bradley, Joel, Russell, Sean Laney, Sean Tompson, Sarah, David, ChristinaKay, Tracey, Chris.

Please dress professionally.

Preparation meeting at 3:30 for speakers. Meet at 5:00 for march preparation.

b. GA peoples mic tabled until Saturday by Russell, the initiator of the motion.

V. Motions (new business)

a. Mindfulness wrt to interviews. The media is not looking to represent us positively

b. Encourage more people & women to speak

c. We need to agree on a platform. We need a 21st century democracy.

d. Suggestion to have a list of sacramento greivances to be discussed and approved individually

e. Request that OWS 7 demands make it to the city council minutes

f. We should reach out to Cindy Sheehan for tomorrows City Council meeting.

(from online)

g. Suggestion for Motion to Hold Votes on Major Occupy-Sac Issues on Saturdays


The Daily General Assembly, with the exception of the Satuday 5:30 General Assembly, will not vote on any issues in relation to: leadership, voting, committees, or finances. Voting on these items will only take place during the Saturday 5:30 General Assembly.

Feelings: Many of our participants have school, work and families. Despite that, they are still involved via internet, by networking with their peers, orthey drop in for a few hours. They are commiteed participants and still a part of the 99%. These are serious issues, their opinions are valid, and I believe it would be unfair to exclude opinions during days of the week in which a vast majority of the participants are not available.

ITEM 2: Allow discussions pertaining to the subject matters of Item 1 (leadership, voting, committees, or finances) to remain on the agenda. Items will be open to discusion and commentary throughout the week.

Feelings: This allows people to discuss these items amongst their peers, and hear the opinions of others throughout the week. I believe many of these items are serious issues that should involve the majority of our movement. 6 days is enough time for Occupiers to educate themselves before the Saturday Agenda.


Through Friday, a one minute time limit will be applied to the GA Stack when speaking on an item. In addition, this item will be added to the agenda Saturday to be voted on by the Saturday General Assembly. This item will remain on the agenda until the Saturday 5:30 Assembly, where in addition, a fair time limit will applied to Saturday and Daily General Assemblys that reflect the number of Occupiers partipcating in the General Assembly.

Feelings: The General Assembly has a history of running over time in excess due to matters that are off point. Applying a time limit during the week days restricts a speaker to stick to the subject matter and specify clear points. This way other operations throughout the Occupation are not disrupted, and attendants are able to participate in the entire agenda. These Assemblies do run over because of many amazing opinions that influence your decision, but I believe it also important to keep the assembly moving. There is an Open Forum available to discuss things that are not relevant or reflecting non relevant points of the item on the agenda.

h. allow items to remain on the agenda

i. limit time to motions

VI. Adjournment 8:05pm
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