Screening of “Broadcast Blues” on Thursday


UPDATE: The screening of Broadcast Blues will now be on Thursday at 7:00 PM.

Thursday, November 10, 7:00 PM
Occupy Sacramento – Cesar Chavez Park (10th & J St.)

Broadcast Blues PosterA screening of a documentary by Sue Wilson concerning the lies of corporate media. For more info check out:

This award winning documentary film shows how our broadcast media became broken, and details what we can do about it. A star studded cast and snappy soundtrack make Broadcast Blues fun and easy to watch, and ends with a call to action. Prepare to be informed, to get mad, and to be inspired!

Media Policy is killing people in this country. Literally. And it is harming our democracy, too. Lies and misinformation are churning our Union into Chaos. Until now. We the People are taking the media back!

Caution: This is the movie the mainstream media does NOT want you to see.

Danny Glover, Naomi Judd, Phil Donahue, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Michael Copps, more

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