GA Meeting Minutes – 10/24/2011



GA Minutes 10/24/11

He GA has been moved to the County Jail because of the unjust detainment of David Witkin. He was
read no charge, no rights, and taken away from his son apparently for “not having an ID”.
He was taking a picture of a police officer pulling a gun on an unarmed citizen as a part of
his “investigation on a separate crime uninvolved [with the occupy movement]”

Pushing all business back due to the current circumstances of the Detainment of David. Seconded.

!!section of notes under review for accuracy!!
Addressing Saturday’s GA. There were 5 members of the Community Outreach Committee that issued
a BLOCK on the Security Team for keeping information regarding an alleged rape secret. The
BLOCK initiated a large and heated argument and has been discussed in detail for four days now.
The 5 people who initiated the block have decided to start their own occupation movement
called Occupy Yourself due to the disagreements.
!!end section!!

Motion to allow The people involved in the separation to present their case tomorrow 10/25/11.

Motion passed 25 for, 1 opposed, 3 abstain.

GOOD NEWS! The DA will not prosecute the 75 occupy sacramento protesters who were arrested. They
will not be under state charges. However, they will still continue to make arrests under the offense of

Proposals are being pushed back.


Education – watching Salt of the Earth movie

Security - Yesterdays events, 1 individual got into an argument with a homeless person on bathroom
cleaning duty, security team has been briefed by professionals on how to maintain peace without
touching or confrontation. Some people were suspiciously eyeing the media tent. Someone had a
seizure after 8:30pm, refused medical assistance. WE NEED MORE MEDICALLY TRAINED PEOPLE.

Media – Nothing to report.

POINTOF INFORMATION – Kevin Johnson has sent an assistant to tell us that he has indeed read the
constitution, may be returning to coming GA’s and is in general supporting us

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