The Purpose of The Finance Committee is to offer a system collection, reimbursement, compensation and fundraising via board members, committee members and active media observation to ensure Occupy Sacramento’s financial accountability. Of all the theories revolving around the purpose and actuality of what money is, few can deny that it is a very useful tool. We intend to use this tool to keep the activities of Occupy Sacramento running as smoothly for the 99% as possible.

We keep track of our balances, our inventory, and our fundraising outside of the various working groups and committees. When people come up with idea’s and want to create, they must also figure out how to get an idea to the real world. That’s where we can provide information, money, inventory, names or any number of other sources or routes to lead the creator to their patron of manifestation.

The Finance Committee has Bylaws and operates by voting on resolutions. We are made up of elected board members and un-elected committee members.

We are currently seeking volunteers who can do basic math, have strong integrity, and a desire to help the movement’s needs rather than just wants. The ability to say No to requests is a requirement. Please contact us to volunteer!

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Board Members:
Matthew Darcey –
Kevin Carter –
Kimberly Sloan –

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