The Facilitation Working Group’s purpose is to promote direct democracy and open communication at Occupy Sacramento meetings, General Assemblies, and other events. We work to protect your right to speak in before the people, to keep meetings on-track, and to keep emotions from getting out of control. We act with and encourage respectful behavior, and a clear-headed approach to resolving sometimes tense situations.

Our day-to-day responsibilities include helping to set agendas, maintaining a productive and civil atmosphere at General Assemblies and other meetings, publishing minutes, and various administrative tasks as needed. We seek to practice and share our expertise in methods of running effective meetings, conflict resolution, direct democracy, and open communication.

The Facilitation Working Group is open to all, and we operate with open discussions, and decisions determined by consensus.

We are currently seeking volunteers who are smart, keen, open, friendly people with patience and a good way with words. Please contact us to volunteer!

Facilitation Working Group: Facilitation@OccupySac.com
General Assembly: OccupySacGA@gmail.com

Full Members:
Matt Darcey – Darcey@OccupySac.com
Robert Arriaga – rnarriaga@yahoo.com
David B.
Morgan Lesko

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