teach-in is similar to a general educational forum on any complicated issue, usually an issue involving current political affairs. The main difference between a teach-in and a seminar is the refusal to limit the discussion to a specific frame of time or an academic scope of the topic. Teach-ins are meant to be practical, participatory, and oriented toward action.

- Wikipedia

We want to hear from the 99%. Come and share you ideas and thoughts because they are the fuel that keeps this movement going!

We agreed to hold concurrent teach-ins in the park, which means any individual and groups can set up a table in the park to present information or do teach-ins about topics and issues related to the
Occupy protest movement.

Please remember, we NOT have individual speakers on the podium during General Assembly. The individual teach-ins are a way for everyone to have their voices heard.

If you need more clarity on this approach, or would like to schedule a teach-in, feel free to email Matt at: Darcey@OccupySac.com

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