General Assembly

The General Assembly meets twice weekly to consider motions for approval, and conduct the business of Occupy Sacramento. Please join us to participate, have your opinion heard, and support direct democracy!


Minutes from each General Assembly can be found in the forum: Minutes

How to Make a Motion for the General Assembly

Per procedures this body has adopted by motion (which can be changed via motions that pass through this body in the future):

1. We ask that only Occupy Sacramento Committees and Working Groups make motions. This is to save time at our General Assemblies, by only entertaining motions that at least a few people have already tinkered with and agreed to. A “Working Group” is a group of 3 or more people who have announced that they are forming a Working Group, typically during “Announcements” at a prior General Assembly. A “Committee” is a working group that has proposed procedures and guidelines (AKA “bylaws”) that have been approved by the General Assembly. If you haven’t yet seen if there a compatible Working Group or Committee already in existence, we ask that you do this before forming one of your own and making your motion. We believe this will help us save time, avoid duplication, and increase effectiveness and coordination. You can explore what’s already in existence by asking the General Assembly facilitator
or others, or by speaking at the “Soapbox,” after the General Assembly.

2. New motions are made at a General Assembly by (a) filling out this form, (b) submitting it to the facilitator (ideally prior to the start of the General Assembly), and (c) reading the form, when called upon during “New Business.”

3. If, after you read your motion, it is seconded and the body votes to place it on the Agenda, it will be placed on the Agenda for the General Assembly scheduled 72 hours in the future. This is to give notice to people who may want to participate in the final discussion and vote. However, if you have an item which you believe is so time sensitive that it needs to be voted on immediately, let the facilitator know. He or she can see if the body agrees that the item is urgent enough to be called an “emergency agenda item,” and discussed and voted upon at the same General Assembly.

4. For non‐emergency motions that are approved for the Agenda, they will be placed on the Agenda for the General Assembly scheduled for 72 hours later. If you are present at that future General Assembly, you and the body will discuss and vote on your motion then, otherwise your motion will be tabled until the next General Assembly. We use various procedures to strive for full consensus (to ensure that all needs are attended to), but will settle for 2/3 vote if necessary.

After you have read the instructions please proceed to the Make a Motion form.

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